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What is Topic Sentiment Extraction?

Topic Sentiment Extraction is a compact text analytics solution to understand fine-grained opinions expressed by the author in the text.

It discovers topics mentioned in the text, attributes each topic with a topic category, and finally extracts sentiment expressed towards these topics.

Unique Features

Topic-level Sentiment Analysis

While text-level sentiment analysis gauges the overall sentiment of the entire text, Topic-level sentiment provides fine-grained information on the author’s attitude towards specific topic, such as a product, feature, or service aspect.


Industry-specific Models

Select one of the available industry / use case specific models to extract most relevant topics with industry-specific category and increase sentiment accuracy with model fine-tuned to the use case.

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Empower Your Solution with Topic Sentiment Extraction

Leverage Topic Sentiment Extraction via Symanto API to extract precise and structured insights from text


Automate Reviews Analysis

Extract customer opinions and pain points from reviews, complaints, NPS survey and more


Empower Survey Platform

Add value to survey solution by extracting structured opinion insights from unstructured open ends


Advance Social Listening

Glean fine-grained opinion insights towards brands and products from online conversations

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