Symanto Text Analytics API

Sentiment ANALYSIS

Gauge the tonality of any written text such as review, social post, or chat message. 

Why Symanto Sentiment Analysis API?

Higher Accuracy with Deep Learning

Our sentiment analysis models are based on not only individual words, but the entire sentence and context to truly understand the tonality.

Models Trained in Native Language

Our Sentiment Analysis models are trained on datasets in native language (instead of translated text) and are able to grasp the language nuances of each culture.

Empower Your Unique Solution with Sentiment Analysis


Measure Brand Strength

Empower social listening by analysing emotional connection of consumers to brands and products


Triage Customer Support

Identify most upset consumers and respond to their reviews and requests with priority


Create Empathetic Chatbot

Analyse message sentiment in real-time and provide empathetic response to build rapport with the user

Ready to get started? 

Leverage 10,000 API credits each month for free

Not a developer? 

Explore our self-service text analytics platform to easily connect to various data sources, customise your own models and explore results with beautiful visuals, starting for free.

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